Retachment (poem)

The severed limb
shakes alone
and the biggest fragment
proceeds to the singing.

of purple smoke
depart from the pointy fingers
only to land softly,
like notes being sucked back
into the metal strings.

And the myriad particles,
with all their lives,
and all their tears,
reignite the screams
of matter and laws
and constitute the power
of radiant sunbeams.

The extirpation of the foreign bodies
is always a painful decision
and a torture when self imposed.
But the repositioning of the bones and tendons
grants a double pleasure:
the pain of coming back home,
the pain of refilling a phantom limb.

the fruitless packets of air,
of dust and manequins' prayers
return to the void that was once home
and open their little mouths
to take the needle and the thread in,
to be stitched back
to the pristine organism
from which they once exiled themselves
out of disgust,
and an accompanied solitude.

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