A soft rain did just fall

Trying to find yet another combination of words that hasn't been used ever before. Even though I know it's very probable such an intention will fail, I keep on trying. Because when I get the exact combination to describe the atmospheres, the lights and shadows, the feelings and cryings of the soul I know I'll be closer to eternity, or to some form of it.
But what I truly seek is to discover the configuration by which your body is built up. The right positions of the stars the day you came to this world. I'd like to understand the etheral nature of your skin, the decadent forms of your tempting lips...the soft heat that comes from your interior and impregnates my face, while we hug in the middle of a poor excuse of a rain.
I'd like to know what's on your mind, which I only know that changes several times in the lapse of a second.
I'd like to understand my own dumb processes, to recognize the moment in which I tend to poison and plot myself. Maybe then, I'll be able to stop my self from sabotating every of my steps.


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